About WBP Transport & Logistics

The “WBP” offers automotive, rail and air transportation, as well as the transportation of cargo in containers in all parts of the world. The company offers handling and packing services.

The company develops rapidly. Groups of company “WBP” has a logistic terminal with equipment support and well-developed infrastructure in range. Every Cargo handling terminal, providing twenty-four-hour security protection, offers full set of services: reception of cargo, safekeeping and forwarding, the insurance of cargo and freight forwarding.

The “WBP” offers the following advantages to its clients: providing information on every requests made via telephone or by e-mail, delivery of goods to an appointed hour, development of an individual route for each Client by taking into account their specific needs and combining various methods of transportation for appropriate sections of the journey, in order to optimize the delivery process and to minimize delays. In addition, company offers flexible pricing.

Our working experience on the freight market allows us effectively use the storage and transportation techniques of different valuable cargoes according to correlation of price and quality. The company provides uninterrupted delivery of cargo to our own warehouses as well as to warehouses of our Clients. This allows the Client to accurately calculate his financial and temporary capability.

All results are achieved thanks to smoothly running system of information processing, accurate organization of follow up work and the perfection of technologies in the forwarding trade sphere.

The high standard of rendered services and the high quality performance of service make our company differ from others. Our companies' priority is to upgrade the quality of service with essential reduction of Client's expenses. Such politics of our company is very attractive for the Client and prompts him to choose “WBP” among other companies on the market. This allows us to be assured in the stable development of our company not only in the current time, but also in the future.