Speed – the main advantage of transportation by air.

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Air transportation

Transportation of the cargo by air is one of the quickest ways of delivery. Speed is the main advantage of the delivery of such kind. The main disadvantage – high cost. That's why the selection of the delivery, as a rule, is due to the necessity and urgency and also the high cost of the conveyed cargo.

The WBP company is working directly with the airline agents and offers air transportations in process organizing delivery of cargo from South-East countries of Asia, South and North America, Australia.

During the organization of international air transportations, the company WBP is using favorable passenger flight as well as the specialized cargo transportations.

One of the main objects of the transportation by air are spare parts, assembling parts and components, goods purchased in Internet catalogues and also cinema and TV studio furniture.

The only limitation for the regular transportation is the availability of the flights and correspondence of the cargo to the rules and opportunities of the air transport.

But in this case we are ready to help You – organize the delivery with the charter flight for sending heavy and oversized cargoes, such as equipment for the petroleum industry, electric power supply and printed line.

We provide a full set of services:

  • The delivery, packaging and custom services in the airport;
  • The intercontinental transportation;
  • The processing of the cargo and organizing the customs transit, delivery from the warehouse on consolidation;
  • Sorting and consolidation of cargo
  • Safekeeping of cargo and delivery in any region in the world;
  • Insurance of cargo.
Having appealed to the company “WBP”, you will entrust with a work to professionals.

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The organization of air transportation will provide the immunity to the property, which is very important while transporting highly inflammable liquids and dangerous valuable packages. Our specialists are ready to work out the most short and economically profitable route