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Railroad transportation

The stable work of railroads allows us to be ensured in optimal duration and security of Your cargo. Railroad transportation – the service, brought in by our company in order to optimize your expenses because among expenses on the transportation, railroad is without a rival, and the duration, compared to the automobile delivery, allow to increase each year the request on this time of delivery. Railroad transportations are accomplished by ferry cars, mail coaches and containers.

If You turn to us, You will get an opportunity to send cargo of any size and mass into any town of Russia, that owns railway tracks and also You will save money of Your company. We are ready to receive the cargo, and if necessary, we can do the backings and packaging and in short time send it to the recipient. You don't need to bring the cargo to our warehouse, on additional request we will take the cargo in designated place, we will deliver it to our warehouse, package and send it.

Thanks to balanced schemes, good work of our employees and partnership with the railway administration we have a priority comparing to other transporting companies.

Get more information about railroad transportation from our consultants and calculate the cost on this type of transportation. Railroad transportation will allow You to get the price profit and to deliver the cargo in short time.

Having appealed to the company “WBP”, you will entrust with a work to professionals.

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Comparing to the other expensive air transportations, sometimes even automobile transportations, the use of railroad transportation allows cutting the budget spent on the delivery of the cargo.